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Memory Care Facilities

At Gunnisonville Meadows assisted living facilities, we are proud to offer quality Memory Care services. These type of services are for residents with Dementia or Alzheimer’s and are provided in our secured and easy to navigate community.

Memory Care consists of catered Dementia or Alzheimer’s services, medication management, and observation within a secure assisted living facility. As Dementia progresses, it can become much more difficult for family to care for their loved one due to the demand of more specialized medical attention and expert care. During these stages, you want trained medical professionals caring for your loved one in a safe and secure environment.

Memory Care communities are designed for the purpose of serving anyone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. These services help reduce dangerous ricks associated with the Dementia and Alzheimer’s such as wandering. Our facilities are designed to assist residents who require memory care. We provide residents with a safe, secure, easy to navigate environment. Plus, a safe environment is known to encourage residents to remain independent for as long as they are able.

We understand that Dementia and Alzheimer’s can be incredibly difficult to deal with. At Gunnisonville Meadows, we care about our community and are proud to offer superior memory care services to those who need it.

For general information about Gunnisonville Meadows assisted living facilities, call us today at (517) 575-6021. If you have questions or need further information regarding resident care, moving in, services offered, or any other matter please contact us using the following e-mail: [email protected].

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